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RRIF - Registered Retirement Income Funds

Investors who choose a Manulife RRIF realize all of the benefits of a guaranteed investment as outlined above and more, including:

Opportunity to increase your rate of return

Interest rates are an important consideration when choosing your guaranteed investment -- and your advisor will confirm that Manulife RRIFs provide some of the highest rates available.

In addition, retirement plans also offer a unique interest rate structure that allows you to add six months to a standard term to benefit from the next standard term’s interest rate.

Here’s how it works:
Marilyn and Jack are planning a large celebration for their 50th wedding anniversary in 2.5 years. They need to ensure they have their money in time for the event, and of course they want to ensure the highest rate possible. Marilyn and Jack select a 2.5-year term that would normally provide a 2-year interest rate from most institutions. But with the unique interest rate feature of a Manulife Lifestyle RRIF, LIF or LRIF, they benefit from the 3-year interest rate at Manulife which gives them the opportunity for a higher return.

Flexible access to your money

Unlike most guaranteed investments from banks, trust companies and mutual fund organizations, your Manulife Lifestyle retirement plan investment is fully or partially cashable at any time.

Surrender charges may apply on term investments cashed prior to maturity.

Annual free withdrawal

In addition to access to your money at any time, you can take advantage of Manulife’s annual free withdrawal feature. Once per year, this feature allows you to withdraw up to 10% (to a maximum of $10,000) of the total plan value of your Manulife Lifestyle investment, without charge.

LIF and LRIF withdrawals are subject to government maximums.

Customized payment options

You can choose to receive the income payment from your Manulife Lifestyle RRIF, LIF or LRIF monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can also customize the amount you receive by choosing a payment type based on:
  • the government legislated minimum,

  • earned interest,

  • a level amount,

  • an indexed amount, or

  • the government legislated maximum (for LIF and LRIF only).

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