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This is a Saving Plan that allows your funds to grow tax-sheltered until your child is ready for post-secondary education. This account may last for up to 25 years from the registration date. The investment income becomes taxable when the RESP is being withdrawn for the child's education. The tax amount is usually minimal or none as the child has very little or no income.

Receive $7,200 Grant from Government!

Effective January, 1998, each child is entitled to The Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) of 20% on the first $2,000 in annual contributions up to age 18.  In other words, maximum annual grant from government is $400 / year, for 18 years, or the lifetime maximum is $7,200.  It pays to get a head start on RESP.

Contribution Limits

  • Annual Limit - $4,000

  • Lifetime Limit - $42,000

Our Advantage

Why choose to invest with us for your child future education?
  • we provide market analyses of all the companies in Canada.
  • we compare the companies’ benefits to fit your financial goals.
  • we are here to represent you and help you manage this education plan.
  • we can help you make sure that your child will be financial prepared for high education.

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