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Expecting Visitors?

 Visitor medical insurance is often that last thing you think of when planning a trip to Canada.
It's critical to realize that medical emergencies can happen and that Visitor Medical Insurance is important . You may well face an unexpected illness or accident that could, without visitor medical insurance, cost you thousands of dollars in unexpected hospital/medical expenses.

It is the simple and common everyday illnesses such as the flu and other viruses that send people to the doctor or hospital. The cost of simple medical examinations and prescribed medication can quickly drain travel funds.
As a visitor, you're not covered by Canada's National Health Care program. Moreover, your domestic health insurance policy may not provide adequate coverage when you're travelling or residing outside your home country. Visitor Insurance is a quick and simple way of being covered for these unforeseen costs.
There are many companies that offer visitor medical insurance. Our mission should be to find the one that's right for you.

Who can apply?
     - visitors to Canada
     - people on a work or student visa
     - new immigrants awaiting OHIP (first 90 days)
     - returning Canadians
When choosing medical insurance for a visit to Canada, the best way is to purchase it from a Canadian insurance company. They know the medical system and are familiar with costs and common health risks. They're also easier to get in touch with if a medical emergency should arise during your stay.

What is covered?
      ü Emergency hospital treatment  
      ü Private duty nursing or home care provider   
      ü Rental of prosthetic devices
      ü Health care practitioner treatment
      ü X-rays, ultrasounds, laboratory tests
      ü Ambulance services for emergency transportation
      ü Dental coverage
      ü Prescribed drugs or medications
      ü And other services that you can find in the policy wording
 These highlights are only a summary of the policy and not in anyway constitute the policy. For more compete information please see policy wording.

You can choose different amount of coverage






Ways to SAVE
Families (3 or more), travelling together, qualify for the family discount:
“Insure the parents and the kids will be insured for free”
(kids up to age 21)
Buy $100,000 coverage – get $150,000 for the same price
Don’t put your financial security at risk!!!

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